About the Golda Institute

The Institute's Vision for healthy Australians encompasses "learning to live again" by promoting personal choice across life's spectrum through:

  • Law
  • Policies
  • Services
  • Workplace cultures and practices

Aims - our reason for being

The Golda Institute has been established to:

  • Be a private "think tank" to initiate and promote thoughtful, inclusive public discussion on the issues facing Australians in having healthy lives and relationships.
  • Develop programs for desirable reform and present these to key influencers and government.
  • Develop group and individual programs that address the physical, mental health, emotional and psychological issues faced by individuals and groups in our communities.
  • Provide training in aged care, relevant laws,  mental health, physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing and communication.
  • Provide individual physical, mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual therapeutic programs and services.