counsellingCut through your Confusion and find Clarity

Do you find yourself thinking these sorts of thoughts:

"My drug / alcohol use is out of control"

"People walk all over me"

"I can't unwind"

"I'm always getting into conflicts"

"I sleep too much / not enough"

"My life lacks harmony"

"My relationships aren't working"

"I eat too much / not enough"

"I'm sad"

"Something terrible has happened to someone I love"

"I feel flat"

"I hate my job"

You may be shouldering burdens that prevent you from being happy and fulfilled. Counselling can help. Franceska Jordan AM can instigate, inspire and encourage you along a path of resolution and healing. She is available to deal with people experiencing:

  • depression and phobias
  • anxiety and post traumatic disorders
  • difficulties with drug/alcohol use
  • anger and conflict resolution
  • grief and loss
  • relationship difficulties

Her techniques include:

  • Counselling
  • Psychotherapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Self-Sabotage Release - The Hortsman Technique
  • Inner Child Discovery and Healing
  • Thought and Energy Transformation
  • Connecting and understanding the emotional component of your ailments

After seeing Franceska, you will:

feel calmer

feel happier

nurture yourself

think more clearly

heal your past hurts

become less stressed

become more self-confident

gain more pupose in your life

feel more satisfied with your life

set boundaries with love and nurturance

feel connected & in tune with the universe

You will look at the reality of your life, without feeling fearful, resentful or damaged. You will be accepted, supported, as well as challenged to look at your life from a balanced perspective.

Most importantly:

  • Healing is deep - you'll heal the core of your hurt
  • You'll cut through the confusion - and see your problems with clarity
  • Results are lasting - you will take away a "tool box" of methods for solving future difficulties.

You can see Franceska at her rooms in the City - 18 Macgregor St Wilston Brisbane