The Golda Institute's Replenish Retreat

Replenish RetreatThis weekend retreat in the replenishing forests of Mt Nebo provides you with the capacity for recognising your own feelings and those of others, for motivating yourself and for managing emotions well in yourself and your relationships.

It will restore, reinvigorate and balance your work and personal life through emotional freedom and using your emotional intelligence. The retreat program equips you to connect with a unique repertoire of emotional skills that you can use to navigate the everyday challenges of life. As well as build on your strengths and understanding of lesser-known emotions.
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  • To be emotionally free and to discover and understand your emotional type and ways to deal with yours and others emotions in your daily life.
  • Examine anger, sadness, fear, enjoyment, love, surprise, shame and guilt resulting in a grounded and rounded personality and the ability to handle clients and personal relationships.
  • Increase your ability to analyse and understand relationships and be effective in your life.
  • Be more accessible through owning and using other parts of your personality giving you a competitive edge in your relationship dealings.
  • Liberates you from fear and lets you navigate adversity.
  • Develops your emotional intelligence by connecting with self-control, enthusiasm, persistence and the ability to motivate yourself.

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The Program

Morning program

Session 1  Overview of emotional intelligence and freedom
Session 2  The brain's emotional architecture
Session 3  Discover and understand your emotional type - ways to deal with yours and others emotions in your daily life
Session 4 Moving from Fear to Courage
Session 5 Moving from Anger to Compassion
Session 6
Moving from Anxiety and Worry to building Inner Calm
Session 7 Moving from feelings of Inadequacy to Self-Esteem
Session 8 Guided, interactive and fun hyperthetical exercise, for applied workplace refelections

The afternoon programs

  • Individual treatments of massage and cranio-sacral adjustment
  • Personal emotional intelligence assessment and plan
  • Personal nutritional program.
  •  Replenishing and reflective walks in Mt Nebo forest.
  • Conclusion of program with tool kit, workbook and resources for your continued use.

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