SupervisionCaring for Health, Welfare & Community Workers

Health, welfare and community workers and other professional carers are under extraordinary pressures.

Although their careers are stimulating and rewarding, they are also associated with extreme stress and high levels of burnout.

Employing organisations that wish to help maintain workers' capacity for empathy AND help them to maintain their professional competence to meet consumer needs in a manner that is:

effective AND

will benefit by engaging Franceska Jordan AM to counsel their workers about all aspects of their professional lives, as well as personal matters that may affect their ability to give their best.

By helping workers in this way, Franceska also assists organisations manage their obligations relating to stress-related Workcover claims under their Workplace Rehabilitation Policy and Procedures.


Franceska Jordan offers a range of services for workers and organisations:

  • training
  • workshops
  • speaking engagements
  • individual counselling, psychotherapy and lifestyle coaching
  • consulting (including consulting on strategic planning and organisational change and developing and implementing health and welfare programs)

Franceska is particularly interested in helping workers resolve their issues in order to assist clients on their journey and lessen counter-transference.

She offers supervision on case and group work and advises on organisational issues. Past and present personal journeys that can impact on workers' professional activities are also addressed.