Replenish Retreat - Emotional Intelligence and Freedom Workshop -"Loved the content, very real and able to take information and experiences forward into relationships. The workbook was a great  guide and the exercises brought an understanding of how emotional balance can be achieved and maintained. A superb venue and excellent surroundings, with five star catering". 
 Comments  from workshop participants

"The great depth of practical and valuable information contained in Ms Jordan’s Manual – ‘Better Care for People with Alzheimer’s: A Practice Manual for Day Centres’ – has been refined to highlight the awareness of the rights and responsibilities of carers and staff. I am confident that this manual will be an essential resource in developing optimum quality of life and care for people with dementia"

Her Excellency Mrs Leneen Forde, AC, Previous Governor of Queensland Australia

"Franceska has been a tireless community worker. Her wealth of experience places her in an excellent position to perform social research and policy analysis… Her work is of a high quality."

"Ms Jordan during the closing session of the Alzheimer’s Disease International Conference in Belgium presented a perfect synthesis of all important topics which were discussed during the 3 day conference, a performance which – in view of time pressure and difficulty – only few could equal."

"I felt she was listening to every word I spoke... She never pretended to know the answers and had the courage to show her real self... results were outstanding..."

Michael Sutton, Counsellor/Lifestyle Coach

"Franceska... is a dedicated healer, counselor and friend to many... a student of life with an open mind ever willing to learn and listen to the daily miracles that are her everyday joys and experiences."

Lil Fi, award-winning singer/songwriter