The Golda Institute offers training courses on a regular basis. Please contact Franceska to get more information.

Mental Health TrainingAlzheimer's and Dementia Workshops:

  • Training on detecting depression, anxiety and dementia
  • Developing an understanding of dementia, through experiential work with simulated exercises of the overload people with dementia can experience.
  • Developing new ways of responding to and caring for the person with dementia - through a philosophy of care; communication techniques, programs and activities and understanding sexuality.
  • Caring for the carers - able to understand, experience and use anti-stress techniques for caregivers
  • Share experiences in dementia care with other caregivers.
  • Identify local services to meet the needs of caregivers and the needs of the person with  mental illness and dementia.
  • Plan for the future.

Personal and Spiritual Development:

  • Workshop for Men - Releasing Past Hurts and Reclaiming their Inner Strength and Spirit
  • Workshop for Women - Inner Child Discovery and Healing. Reclaiming Your Feminine Aspects
  • Nurturing the Spirit Within for Women and Children
  • Connecting with the Spirituality of the Senses
  • Understanding and Setting Boundaries with LOVE
  • Nurturance for sole practitioners, middle management and sole business owners.
  •  Learn  ways to care for yourselves, your business/work and be productive and fulfilled.