Qi Gung

  • Judith has been studying Qi Gung with Fran Archer in Brisbane for 18 years.
  • There are many styles of Qi Gung, but Judith finds this style, which is simply called Chinese Medical Qi Gung, very elegant and flowing.
  • The 18 movements peculiar to this style, balance yin and yang, fire and water, which is so essential for dealing with the stress and anxiety of today's lifestyle.
  • Medical Qi gung also has exercises to dispel anger which can be used daily, and a static Qi Gung, which is a deeper form of moving qi in the body.
  • The session will incorporate a blend of exercises and form.
  • Even as an acupuncturist of 20 years experience, Judith is still learning more about Qi Gung, every time she practices it.
  • Judith at The Golda Institute welcomes you to come and experience the Qi Gung journey.
  • Cost $10.
  • Phone Judith Thompson on 07 3366 1420